Best Practice – Presentation Components

Sitecore recommended practices for presentation: Limit the number of layouts in favor of sublayouts. The aim should be to have one layout per site per device. Place components that appear in every single page statically (in the markup) of the layout. Use placeholders to dynamically bind components that only appear in some pages. Group components... Continue Reading →

Integrating Sitecore with Sharepoint is FUN

Sitecore offers ready-made module SharePoint Connect 2.1 provides a flexible framework for creating synergy between your SharePoint assets and Sitecore content delivery engine. SharePoint Connect was formerly known as the SharePoint Integration Framework. SharePoint Connect 2.1 supports integration with the following SharePoint solutions: On-premises – installed on your hardware. For user authentication, both these SharePoint on-premises authentication types are supported: Online (hosted... Continue Reading →

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