While looking for some useful tools to use Sitecore, I came to know about Sitecore Developer Tool Chrome Extension. This tool gives you an ease to use Sitecore with various features. Please find the extension in Chrome Addons and install it. Once installed the extension you can see it in the right corner of your google... Continue Reading →

Topologies for Sitecore Azure Deployments

Microsoft Azure is a cloud-computing platform and a framework for creating, publishing, and maintaining applications through a worldwide system operated by Microsoft. It offers content editing and content delivery from the cloud. You can pick the best mix of on-premise or cloud-based editing and delivery environments. In cloud-computing context: Content Editing environment = Editing Farm... Continue Reading →

Integrating Sitecore with Salesforce is FUN

Sitecore is a well-known CXM (Customer Experience Management) system whereas Salesforce is counted in one of the best CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system. Although both are used to manage customers and having few common features, Sitecore and Salesforce are not competitor of each other’s. There are many connectors available to integrate Sitecore with Salesforce. I’ll... Continue Reading →

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