Versioned Layouts in Sitecore 8x

Versioned layouts make it possible to specify different layouts for different versions and languages of the same item. You use versioned layouts when you want to: Have different layouts for different languages. Publish a specific version with its own layout for a specific period. Sitecore uses versioned layouts internally for various content-testing features, for example,... Continue Reading →

Accelerating Content Tree Performance

Let talk about few tiny tips to accelerate the performance of content tree. Sometimes we experience that the content tree is taking longer than expected to open. It may be because of various reasons but there are few tips which can help us to speed up the content tree opening time. Avoid opening the entire... Continue Reading →

Playing with WFFM in Sitecore

You use web forms to collect information from website visitors. You can then view and analyze this information in the Web Forms for Marketers reports. You can create a web form in the Experience Editor directly on your website. There are two ways to create a form: Insert a ready-made web form Create a blank... Continue Reading →

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