SUG Meetups and Webinars October 2018 & Sitecore Symposium for me

Outstanding October!!! Was so fortunate to attend 3 excellent presentations in 2 Sitecore User Group Meetups. And obviously Symposium was exceptional. Also Hosted and Co-organized SUG Queen City, Manchester, NH meetups with Mike Reynolds. 🙂 Oct’2018 Meetup SUG Queen City, Manchester, NH Attended two excellent presentations by Michael West and Grant Killian. Michael West presented on “New and... Continue Reading →

Analyze and Pick: The Upgrade Approach

Next big thing is to assess the various Upgrade Approaches available and choose the right fit for your project. Depends on your current Sitecore version you have variety of Upgrade Approaches to choose from: Approach #1: Incremental Upgrades: In this approach Sitecore provides Upgrade Packages to install, Db scripts to execute, Configuration Files to merge/overwrite,... Continue Reading →

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