Sitecore Competencies Reaches 100 Blogs and 50k Visits

Being a Cricket lover, a Century is something always excites me. And if it’s me who scored the century, that calls a celebration. 🙂

I feel extremely excited and proud to share that this is my 100th blog on  Sitecore Competencies whereas it’s about to cross 50000+ Visits.

A big shout out to all the 28000+ visitors, 44 Followers for their 35+ Likes, 40+ Comments, I hope my blog posts were informative and you found what you were searching for. Keep visiting and I promise to keep sharing moar and moar in future.

I started blogging about Sitecore back on 2017 and it feels great when you looks at the stats and realize that the blogs are being approached from all across the globe. Here is quick glimpse of top 10 countries my blog is being visited from:

Whereas the most visited blog post this year was the post where I talked in-depth about the issues I faced during setting up xConnect at on-premise mode. Looks like folks are still struggling with configuring Sitecore Roles end to end. Hope my blog post helped them out to identify and fix the issue.

In a nutshell due to the pandemic the SUGs were not that much active as it used to be hence year 2020 was all about virtual activities hence I was more focused on blogging. There are few more blogs I am working on hence Stay Tuned!

Thanks a million again.

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