Best Practices – Media

Sitecore recommended practices for media:

  • We recommended that you store media in the database. Blob bases storage approach is recommended as it simplifies publishing and deployment of media assets.
    For example, you can easily publish media that is stored in the database to a production target, whereas file system based media requires synchronization of directories and files between servers.
  • The folder structure of the media library should be organized so that it is easy to navigate for non-technical users.
  • Give media items names that can easily be recognized and understood by business users, such as content authors.
  • Media items should be optimized, using a graphics program such as Photoshop to decrease the size of a rendered page thereby increasing performance.
  • Image Fields — Define the source field to show the point in the media library that is relevant to the item being created.
  • Include the path to static media items – header images, CSS files, JavaScript files, and so on – in the IgnoreUrlPrefixes setting located in the web.config file. This will prevent those media items from being processed through the Sitecore pipelines, improving performance.

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