Integrating Sitecore with Sharepoint is FUN

Sitecore offers ready-made module SharePoint Connect 2.1 provides a flexible framework for creating synergy between your SharePoint assets and Sitecore content delivery engine. SharePoint Connect was formerly known as the SharePoint Integration Framework.

SharePoint Connect 2.1 supports integration with the following SharePoint solutions:

  • On-premises – installed on your hardware. For user authentication, both these SharePoint on-premises authentication types are supported:
  • Online (hosted using Office 365 with the SharePoint Online service)

The framework offers you three possible approaches to integration:

Page-level Integration:

With page-level integration, you work directly with SharePoint lists. You must have access to both the SharePoint server and the Sitecore server. You can use renderings and sub-layouts to integrate SharePoint content.

The sample controls in SharePoint Connect are just examples that you can customize:

·        SharePoint List

·        SharePoint Announcements

·        SharePoint Tasks

·        SharePoint Search

Item-level Integration:

With item-level integration, access to SharePoint is required to create or update integration items. After integration, you work directly with the Sitecore items.

Use the SharePoint Integration wizard to:

·        Create Sitecore content items bound to SharePoint list items.

·        Create field mappings, configure options such as bidirectional integration.

·        Integrate items in real time or set an interval between updates.

API Integration:

The API contains the following class groupings:

·        Object Model

·        Integration Providers

·        Integration Pipelines

·        itemProvider pipeline processors

5 thoughts on “Integrating Sitecore with Sharepoint is FUN

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  1. Hi
    Thanks for your post. This is really helpful as we also have similar kind of requirements but we are not able to find the SharePoint connector component on the Sitecore instance we installed at our end.

    1. We installed the Sitecore 9.0 using the Azure standard wizard.
    2. We were able able create basic site, data template etc (installation seems to be accomplished)
    3. Now the requirement is to connect SharePoint Online instance and fetch News and events and display on Sitecore site hone page.
    4. to do so, we wish to use standard SharePoint connector available with sitecore but unable to find the template for the same.



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