Integrating Sitecore with Salesforce is FUN

Sitecore is a well-known CXM (Customer Experience Management) system whereas Salesforce is counted in one of the best CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system. Although both are used to manage customers and having few common features, Sitecore and Salesforce are not competitor of each other’s.

There are many connectors available to integrate Sitecore with Salesforce. I’ll discuss two connectors which are being used commonly nowadays:

Salesforce Connect 1.0:


Sitecore offers connector (Salesforce Connect 1.0) that integrates with the Sitecore Experience Platform.

This module was developed by the Sitecore Integrated Solutions Team to build a module that provides Salesforce integration functionality in a way that is as flexible, extensible and customizable as any software you would expect from Sitecore.

Salesforce Connect 1.0 provides the following capabilities:

  • Salesforce contacts are exposed as Sitecore users
  • Sitecore user management tools can be used to create/edit/delete Salesforce contacts
  • Salesforce contact data is saved in xDB (as a contact facet)
  • Fully extensible pipeline-based architecture
  • API that allows you to read from and write to Salesforce
  • Source code is available



FuseIT offers S4S connector to integrates Sitecore CMS with Salesforce allowing the seamless exchange of information. With real-time bi-directional communication, almost any object in either system can be made visible to the other. For example, Salesforce documents can be made accessible on the website to selected users. Even website login credentials can be stored and controlled in Salesforce contact records. Among its many uses, S4S lets organizations collect leads from web forms and push the form data, along with Sitecore Experience Analytics, to Salesforce allowing fast and easy qualification.

S4S provides the following capabilities:

  • Sitecore marketer uses the Sitecore for Salesforce List Builder (S4SLB) to import a campaign list from Salesforce.
  • Marketer uses Sitecore Email Experience Manager (EXM) to email customers inviting them to visit the company website.
  • When a recipient visits the website the behavior is recorded in Salesforce.
  • S4S lets you map Sitecore Experience Analytics to marketing applications like ExactTarget, Marketo, Eloqua, and Pardot.
  • S4S includes the M4S module that instantiates selected Salesforce objects to a local MongoDB instance. This allows you to access CRM data even if Salesforce is offline. M4S helps reduce the number of API calls to Salesforce and improves access performance.

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