While looking for some useful tools to use Sitecore, I came to know about Sitecore Developer Tool Chrome Extension. This tool gives you an ease to use Sitecore with various features.

Please find the extension in Chrome Addons and install it. Once installed the extension you can see it in the right corner of your google chrome browser. Extension works with current tab.

You will find 5 tabs on this tool once it’s installed on Chrome as extension.

Favorites tab. allow you to switch between your favorites pages.


Admin Pages tab. Allow you open admin pages.


Databases tab. You can quickly switch database.


Mode tab. Allow you set different kind of mode for the page.


Options tab. Allow you reset the data or go to the option page where you can remove/edit/add.


Option page. Allow you configure the tool. You can add a new pages, databases or actions for the context menu.



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