SUG Bangalore Webinar – Introduction with MongoDB with Sitecore

Was fortunate to attend the webinar hosted by Sitecore User Group Bangalore and presented by Ankit Joshi on 3/26/2017.

Webinar was well organized and content presented by Ankit was also crisp and clear. I found it very helpful for people who are new to Sitecore xDB using MongoDB.

The webinar was recorded and you can find it on YouTube:

Following are the main topics covered in the presentation:


  1. Introducing xDb with Mongo


2. What is MongoDB



3. Scaling Options


4. Vertical scaling


5. Horizontal Scaling6

6. Replication and Sharding7

7. Connection String in Sitecore8

8. Documents and Contacts in Mongo


9. MongoDB Deployment Options


Would love to attend and present in upcoming sessions.

Best of luck SUG Banglore.

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