Here I planned my 4 days @ Sitecore Symposium 2017

Four full days of excitement, knowledge sharing and meeting with brilliant minds. What else one can expect…

But there is a lot more than you think which need to be planned per the schedule.

giphy (1)

Symposium 2017 Breakout Sessions have 5 different tracks with variety of session scheduled.

  1. Developer Track: This series of sessions is dedicated to the Sitecore Developer, led by the Sitecore product team and experts in the field. This track is intended for software developers.
  2. Marketing Track: This series of sessions is dedicated to Context Marketing with the Sitecore Experience Platform. Hear from pros just like you and learn how to apply context marketing principles across all customer journey touchpoints. This track is intended for Sitecore customers, potential customers, and partners interested in learning what’s new from Sitecore.
  3. Strategy Track: Through case studies and shared insights from experts across industries, this track will focus on how to increase measurable business outcomes through Sitecore Analytics, Personalization, Optimization, Commerce and/or connected channels. Learn new strategies, best practices and innovative tactics from business optimization experts to help you better plan, execute and optimize your Sitecore investment.
  4. Getting Started: These sessions are back by popular demand! We’re here to help. Learn about new Sitecore capabilities and the steps needed for world-class proposals, developments, and how to successfully track a project. This track is intended for people new to the Sitecore ecosystem.
  5. Partner Theater: This series of sessions is delivered by our partners sponsors delivering concentrated, deep-dive looks into compelling topics from best practices for deploying Sitecore on Cloud to harnessing the power of AI. This track is intended for all Sitecore enthusiasts.

Being a developer my cart contains items from Developer and Marketing Track mostly.

But apart from these sessions, would like to explore the Partner track where speakers will be sharing the real implementation experiences. Like:

  1. Horizontal Integration – Implementing 7000 websites on a single Sitecore Instance. Woooooooooooooooooooow.
  2. EPAM – Sitecore Commerce with Helix. Excitinggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg.
  3. Xcenitum – Machine Leaning and AI. Hopefully they demonstrate the latest Sitecore + Alexa Integraion. – Innooooooooooooooovative.
  4. And many more like Coveo, Lionbridge etc.

Though it was not easy to decide between such amazing topics but this is how I planned my four days at Symposium:

Day 1:

Registration followed by – Building no-compromise Headless solutions for Sitecore XP – Full Day.

Day 2:


Day 3:


Day 4:



giphy (2).gif

See you there…………………….

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