SUG Meetups and Webinars – January 2018

Wish all of you a very happy 2018 and prosperous year ahead.

Presentations at 2 SUGs and attended an amazing talk by Chris Auer. What an amazing start of 2018.

SUG Jan’18 Meetup Queen City, Manchester, NH

Was fortunate to attend and this time present as well at the first Sitecore User Group Meet of 2018 at Queen City, Manchester, NH on 01/03/2018 at 1230 Elm St, Manchester, NH. Hosted by Michael Reynolds and Greg Coffman.

My talk was lined up in first slot. I talked about WFFM RIP,  introduced Sitecore Forms and its features followed with a live demo.

After a quick break Chris Auer gave an excellent presentation on Data Exchange Framework.

Meetup details can be found here.  Already excited to attend the next meet in Feb. Details are here.

Few Glimpse of SUG are:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

SUG Bangalore First SUG Meetup 2018

Was fortunate to present at First Virtual Meetup of 2018 at Sitecore User Group Bangalore on Sitecore Forms and its capabilities.


The presentation recording been uploaded and is available on SUG Bangalore Youtube channel! Do subscribe to get updates!



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