SUG Meetups and Webinars – February 2018

Such a Fabulous February.

Was so fortunate to attend Five various SUG Meetups in February and off course Sitecore Virtual Developer Day was a bonus on top of everything.

Some takeaway notes from the meetups:

1. SUG Feb’2018 Meetup Queen City, Manchester, NH

Attend two excellent presentations by Zachary Kniebel on Sitecore UML and by  John Hobart and Michael Thompson on Sitecore Cortex at Sitecore UG Manchester, NH in February 2018 meetup.

Blogged my understanding on Sitecore Cortex which I learnt during the meetup.

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2. SUG Bangalore February Meetup

Jisha Muthuswamy presented an excellent demo on Email Experience Manager.

3. Sitecore Virtual Developer Day

Was so fortunate to attend 10 back to back sessions on various interesting topics thought the day in Sitecore Virtual Developer Day.

Did you miss to attend those outstanding sessions? Don’t worry you can still watch the recorded session by registering here.

Winners were also announced for the Q&A sessions:

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4. SUG NCR February Meetup

Deep dive with Dheer Rajput on Sitecore Rocks was really awesome and worth awaking till mid night EST. Learnt a lot of advanced features on Rocks which I never used earlier. Followed by troubleshooting the problem faced integrating Rocks with Sitecore 9.

5. SUG Srilanka Meeting

Himadri Chakrabarti talked about Sitecore JSS followed by live practical demo using ReactJS. Recorded session to be uploaded…

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6. SUG Ecuador February Meetup

Another excellent session same day on JSS by Artsem Prashkovich and Ihar Pauliuk followed by an amazing presentation on Feydra by Una Veroheven

Entire February month was full of knowledge and networking for me. Hope to have much better months entire year.

Glad to be part of such a wonderful community.

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