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Sitecore Developer Trial

Old days are gone with dependency on client licenses for the willingness to learn/explore something new on Sitecore. Long awaited, Sitecore have launched the Developer Trial program where you can download a 60 days trail license and start exploring whatever you like to. It’s such a great news for the folks who are either:

  1. New to Sitecore and want to make their hands dirty on Sitecore Development
  2. Freelancers who are currently not on any project
  3. Developers who are not allowed to use the Client’s license on personal machine for self study.

It’s me – Then and Now

After post-graduating in Computer Applications back in 2006, nothing exceptional I started my IT career as a Software Developer. Couple of projects on C++ then I choose .Net as a primary skill to learn and grow with. Started working on Windows Applications using later on learnt ASP and introduced to the world of Website development. Couple of years later it was all C#, ASP.Net, Javascript, Silverlight, AJAX etc.

Strongly remember the story behind my first project on Sitecore. I was assigned to a Microsoft Dynamic CRM project as a Functional Consultant and was not liking that role at all because it was nothing technical. Without any delay I approached to my Project Manager asking if there are any other projects I can work on. Fortunately, he introduced me to a 3 member team working on Sitecore 5.3, in year 2009. There was a position to be filled and I assigned to that project. After a week only I came to know that the only Sitecore developer in that team is already serving his notice period. For those who don’t know, in India we used to have one month of notice period, which is now either 2-3 months.

And the knowledge transfer started. I would say I was lucky to be in that kind of situation cause it gave me a steep learning curve on Sitecore. That is where I officially started working as a Sitecore Developer. Sometime when I recall that project built on v5.3, I can easily differentiate how drastically Sitecore as a platform have evolved in last 10 years.

Worked on that project for about 1 year and detached with Sitecore for 2 years as I was assigned to a ASP.Net/MVC application which was not built on any CMS. But my crush on Sitecore was already developed and without any second thought I switched to a Digital Marketing Agency working purely on Sitecore. That feeling was like take a fish from a pot and put in a ocean of opportunities.

Handsome amount of organizational level presentations, client demos and talks built up my confidence to share my knowledge to people across the globe. Started penning my Sitecore knowledge on a technical blogs from 2016. Joined amazing communities Sitecore Stack Exchange and Sitecore Slack. Mentored and trained .Net developers on Sitecore platform.

Last year attended my first ever Sitecore Symposium at Las Vegas. Was already wicked excited to be there and then I cleared the Professional Developer certification, it was like being on Cloud 9.

Amitabh Vyas
Posing post getting certified @Sitecore Symposium 2017

Joined Sitecore User Group Queen City Manchester, NH as a member. Sooner started hosting and co-organizing the SUG with Mike Reynolds. Once you are at a SUG you are addicted. Along with SUG Queen city, also attended SUG New England and various webinars/Live SUGs Streaming in last one year. Without any exception presented in 2 SUG and couple of presentations are about to lined up.

When and why I signed Up?

Back in Dec’17 I wanted to present on Sitecore Forms module on couple of Sitecore User Groups but I dint have the 9 License with me. Coincidentally the Developer Trail Program was launched at the same time for limited amount of registration. I singed up for the trail program, installed Sitecore 9.0 XP0 on my personal laptop, explored Sitecore Forms and presented.

What you can do with the Trial Program?

World of learning opportunities is waiting for you. Register today and feel free to learn the latest and greatest features on Sitecore Experience Platform. Your entry point will be undoubtedly Sitecore Installation Framework but you have cant pre-assume where your journey gonna take you. You can make your hands dirty on:

  1. Sitecore Experience Platform
  2. Sitecore Javascript Service
  3. Helix Principals
  4. Sitecore Experience Accelerator

How can I register?

Join the Sitecore Developer Trial Program and receive a trial license for 60 days free of charge. This program offers:

  • .NET developers and students who don’t have access to a customer or partner license complimentary training on the #1 CMS
  • Agencies looking to establish a Sitecore practice a risk-free evaluation process to see if it’s right for them
  • One additional 60-day extension after the initial trial expires
  • Community portals and eLearning courses to get you started right

A big thanks to all the community members across the globe for helping me what all I have achieved in my career so far.

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