SUG Queen City Manchester NH – July 2019

I hosted and Co-organized SUG Queen City, Manchester, NH meetup with The Sitecore Junkie Mike Reynolds.

July’2019 Meetup SUG Queen City, Manchester, NH

Due to Independence Day, we had this meetup on the 2nd Wednesday of this month.

We had two excellent presenters for this meetup from our renowned Sitecore Community.

Session #1:

Rule Based Contact Profiling: Achieve 100% contact profiling coverage with a single pipeline extension, no content tagging & cloud services by Nick Allen, Technical Architect & Digital Consultant at Think Fresh Studio and Sitecore Technology MVP

Many organisations struggle with the task of associating profile cards with content items and maintaining content tagging across large scale sites. The task becomes even more challenging when you are working with sites that have large product catalogues or make use of “virtual” url techniques such as wildcards or dynamic item resolving. In many cases the profiles we want to associate with our users are based on meta data and taxonomies that already exist in our sites. In this talk you will see how you can extract and enrich existing meta data to automatically profile contacts across the entire website without content authors or marketers having to tag a single content item.

Session #2:

Fun with Sitecore JSS: Exploring GraphQL by Adam Lamarre, Principal Developer at Velir and Sitecore Technology MVP

An exploration of all things GraphQL. From the history of GraphQL to use cases that you can leverage in your Sitecore JSS based projects. Will cover real time GraphQL subscriptions as well as leveraging mutations to create some unique functionality without writing a single line of backend code.

You can find more details about this SUG here.

SUG Queen City is really thankful to the presenters for their time and sharing the knowledge with us. Looking forward for more meetups in upcoming months.

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