Disabling EXM throws exception in logs about Dimension ID b459a0ca-9f43-4ac1-8e6d-549e2a3de674

Problem Statement: We are on Sitecore 9.0.2 upgraded scaled instance. Since we don’t have plans to use EXM module hence we disabled it. After disabling we are getting the following frequent exception in the logs: Exception: System.InvalidOperationException Message: Dimension could not be resolved for for dimension id: b459a0ca-9f43-4ac1-8e6d-549e2a3de674 Source: Sitecore.ExperienceAnalytics.Aggregation at Sitecore.ExperienceAnalytics.Aggregation.Data.Model.AggregationSegment.get_Dimension() at Sitecore.ExperienceAnalytics.Aggregation.Data.Model.AggregationSegment.GetData(IVisitAggregationContext context)... Continue Reading →

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