EXM is missing on Sitecore 10 Launchpad

Sitecore launched version 10 on Aug, 04, 2020 with a lot of new features as well as major updates to existing features.

Post launch I installed Sitecore 10 on my machine and realized that the EXM icon was missing form the Launchpad. Earlier I though that either the default installation is running Sitecore on XM mode or the exmEnabled:define is set to false by default. But surprisingly both the configurations looked correct. Unable to find anything after further troubleshooting.

For situations like this, Slack or Stack Exchange are your best buddies before raising Sitecore support ticket. A quick chat on Slack helped me know that from this release onwards EXM requires new License Key to be enabled. On top of the above two configuration make sure that:

  1. Sitecore must have eds:define application setting set to either CustomSmtp or EmailCloud in the web.config application settings
  2. The customer’s license must have an appropriate EDS key matching the eds:define application setting in the web.config application settings:
  • In case of EXM Delivery Cloud the license key Sitecore.EXM.Delivery.Cloud must be present.
  • In case Custom SMTP is used, the license key Sitecore.EXM.Custom.SMTP must be present.

If you dont not have an appropriate EDS key, contact your regional Sitecore representative for the EDS key.

Hope this help!

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