SUG Meetups and Webinars – March 2018

March you were Marvelous.

Was so fortunate to attend 4 excellent presentations in 2 Sitecore User Group Meetups. Sharing is the key in this community.

SUG March’2018 Meetup Queen City, Manchester, NH

Attended three excellent presentations by Rodrigo PeplauCaio Ferraz and Jill Grozalsky. Rodrigo talked about “Pushing Sitecore 9 Dynamic Placeholders to the edge with a Bootstrap Grid System Implementation”. Caio presented “CI/CD. How to do it without pain and chaos?”. Whereas Jill educated us on Best Practices @ Marketing Automation and Campaigns.

Due to some funny technical problem with Google Hangout, Caio entertained us as Mickey Mouse 😀

Glimpse of the meetup:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

More details can be found here.

SUG NCR Meetup

Ankit Joshi presented Unicorn and its integration with Sitecore. Especially talked about Setup, configuration, deployments and pitfalls. The session was recorded and available on Youtube.


Thanks everyone for sharing your amazing knowledge on these topics. Looking forward for more meetups in upcoming months.

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