SUG Meetups and Webinars – April 2018

Amazing April.

Was so fortunate to attend 5 excellent presentations in 3 Sitecore User Group Meetups and a Webinar in April.

SUG April’2018 Meetup Queen City, Manchester, NH

Attended two excellent presentations by Una Verhoeven and Pete Navarra.

Una talked on Intro about machine learning, Sitecore’s preparation steps and looking into Decision tree, KNN and K-means algorithms.

Where as Pete presented: The EXM Experience: Tips, Tricks, and How to Get Started. A very in-depth presentation on Sitecore Email Experience Manager.

You can find more details about this SUG here.

Glimpse of the meetup:

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SUGUAE Blue Green Deployments in Sitecore Azure

Super cool demo on Blue Green Deployment on Sitecore Azure by Rob Habraken. Demo with some excellent content demonstrated in-depth details about the Sitecore Deployments on Azure.

Glimpse of the meetup:

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SUG Bangalore – Let’s talk Commerce by Hetal Dave

As a newbie to Sitecore Commerce I found it very helpful presentation by Hetal Dave presented at SUG Bangalore. Session was recorded and can be watched on YouTube.

Details for the session:- A pre-Commerce project or pre-Commerce training talk about eCommerce terms with an easy to understand comparison with a standard shop or mall. An overview of what an eCommerce project structure and cycle looks like.

GDPR compliance webinar by Ayantek

The webinar focused on best practices, guidelines, policies and recommendations for handling, auditing and reporting GDPR compliant data by using the Sitcore Experience Platform to facilitate compliance for this important new EU regulation.
More details about the session can be found here.
The session was recorded and can be visited on the URL below:

Thanks everyone for sharing your amazing knowledge on these topics. Looking forward for more meetups in upcoming months.


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