SUG Queen City Manchester NH – May 2019

I hosted and Co-organized SUG Queen City, Manchester, NH meetup with The Sitecore Junkie Mike Reynolds.

May’2019 Meetup SUG Queen City, Manchester, NH

As per our monthly cadence we had this meetup on the first Wednesday of this month.

We had two excellent presenters for this meetup from our renowned Sitecore Community.

Session #1:

Sitecore Experience Accelerator Creative Exchange and Creative Exchange Live by Saad Ansari Sitecore Technology MVP 2019

Tired of uploading and publishing your files into the Sitecore? Don’t worry, The Sitecore SXA provides the OOTB functionality of Creative Exchange, Just export your existing site markup in HTML format, work as the headless and import it back. Saad will tell you how you can use the Creative Exchange Live to skip the imports and directly work on the Sitecore Instance

Session #2:


The promise of Sitecore being our single source to gather analytics data has been long coming. Ever since the initial release of Online Marketing Suite back in Sitecore 6.2, being able to collect analytics data from any source was just around the corner. The release of Universal Tracker marks a new era for data collection and personalization.

In this session we will walk through Universal Tracker, the collection API and explain how data can be processed and enriched. During SUGCON EU, we implemented an end to end proof of concept, using RFID readers which will automatically read attendee cards in order track session statistics, sending data from offline the devices into xConnect via Universal Tracker. We will demo how we implemented this during SUGCON.

You can find more details about this SUG here.

SUG Queen City is really thankful to the presenters for their time and sharing the knowledge with us. Looking forward for more meetups in upcoming months.


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