SUG Queen City Manchester NH – Aug 2019

I hosted and Co-organized SUG Queen City, Manchester, NH meetup with The Sitecore Junkie Mike Reynolds.

Aug’2019 Meetup SUG Queen City, Manchester, NH

We had this meetup on the 2nd Wednesday of this month.

We had two excellent presenters for this meetup from our renowned Sitecore Community.

Session #1:

My Sitecore MVP journey by Peter Procházka – Sitecore Technology MVP 2019, Sitecore Solutions Architect at Accenture

Peter will walk you through his journey of becoming Sitecore Most Valueable Professional (MVP). He is first Slovak to receive this prestigious award in its 13 year history. He will show you how he started with programming and he will talk about how to gain valuable contacts, how to engage with your peers in Sitecore community worldwide and how to step outside your comfort zone. What are benefits and also pitfalls. This talk will not show you how to become MVP as this should not be your ultimate goal.

Session #2:

Getting Started With Behavioral Based Personalization by Ed Kapuscinski – Senior Architect at TA Digital and a five time Sitecore MVP

Once you’ve learned about the basics of Personalization it’s time to dive into the really fun stuff: personalizing based on what someone’s done on your website. Sitecore has incredibly powerful capabilities to do this but getting started with them can be daunting. In this session Ed will explain how to use Goals, Profiles, Pattern Cards and more to build engaging digital customer experiences

You can find more details about this SUG here.

SUG Queen City is really thankful to the presenters for their time and sharing the knowledge with us. Looking forward for more meetups in upcoming months.

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