How to decide SXA or No SXA for your project?

There was an interesting question on Sitecore Stack Exchange asking inputs from the community about whether SXA is a right fit for a project or not?

Though it was an opinion based question but me and David Rutkowski provided inputs which may help people referring to the question is future.


SXA or not SXA is the Question what are your experiences?


Faster time to market is not a preference, its a necessity now a days.

SXA is not just about its toolbox and pre-built components. Its about the entire SXA Website Development Process which help you to expedite the website development process.

In a non-SXA project you always have dependencies on the previous phase. Most importantly the Content Entry, this can never take place until all the phases e.g. User Experience, Visual Design, Front-End, Back-End are complete. Well there is a delta for the Backend development which can be overlapped with Content Entry but that is negligible. The Content Entry phase gets more bigger when you have Multi-site and Multilingual project to go live with.


Whereas if you are using SXA the Content Entry can start right from the Visual Design phase, when you are done with Wireframing. By Saying that when you will finish the Backend development, you will be having handsome amount of actual Content in place which also helps in more realistic testing compared with testing using Lorem Ipsum content (Which we normally do).


Additionally it also reduces your actual development time by using more than 100+ pre-built components. And most importantly if your designing/content/digital marketing team is skilled enough to work on Sitecore SXA, the time to market can be reduced tremendously. Plus everyone in your team like front end developers, content team and backend developers work consolidated on Sitecore utilizing the powers of SXA hence what all you can expect is a great outcome.

As David said, its not worth re-iterating all the features which SXA provides as you can find them on countless blogs and videos. Hence rather talking about Why Opt-In for SXA, let me list out few points on When and Why Opt-Out for SXA?

  1. Most importantly if your client with Non-Subscription Model is not budgeted to spend cost on SXA Licensing. BUT in your research phase if you find that using SXA can save more money and time on your project, you can try to convincing the client to use SXA.
  2. If you are not starting from the scratch, you are bound to follow the current theme being used by the existing solution (which is not a grid system) and you are not budgeted for the efforts to make the SXA site fit-in your existing solution.
  3. Your front end and content team is not skilled enough to use Sitecore SXA and if you think user trainings for this project is not feasible due to time crunch.
  4. If there are possibilities that the Content finalization in your project will be delayed and can’t be available in early phases of project.
  5. As you said if the design requirements of the components are more complex than the OOTB components and number is such custom components is higher. And if you think developing these custom components will be more easier than massaging the OOTB SXA components.

But believe me if you are good with these points you MUST use SXA. I mean its worth trying an OOTB Helix compliant, power shell based platform bundled with good amount of pre-built components available by just drag-drop.

What are your inputs on the topic? Please feel free to post your comments on the blog post or your answers to the Sitecore Stack Exchange question directly.

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