Sitecore Competencies crossed 30000 visits

I would like to take an opportunity to blog about my blogs. 🙂

I feel extremely excited and proud to share that my technical blog Sitecore Competencies have crossed 30000+ Visits. There have been 85+ Blog Posts and 15000+ visitors so far. A big shout out to all the visitors and followers, I hope my blog posts were informative and you found what you were searching for. Keep visiting and I promise to keep sharing moar and moar in future.

Gradual Increment in visits per Year:

Its been three year I am blogging on Sitecore and I feel extremely motivated having a look at the gradual increment in the visits per year. Frequent likes, comments and shares on my blogs posts by visitors shows that they found my blog posts useful.


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Visitors Across the Globe:

Most importantly it feels great when your blogs are accessed from people all across the globe. As the image below shows blog is being accessed from almost every part of the world. Though there are still few area left where I couldn’t make friends yet. 😦

Amitabh Vyas Blog Across The Globe

Celebrating with a new Face to the Blog:

Hard work pays off undoubtedly hence its time to celebrate the success. This Celebration can’t be better than gifting a new face to the blog. After some constructive feedback from a Sitecore Community Legend I decided to face lift the blog with new imagery and orientation.  Have a look and as always your feedback are most welcome. Please let me know – What you think about the few face lift?

Amitabh Vyas Blog.JPG

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