SUG Queen City Manchester NH – Oct 2019

I hosted and Co-organized SUG Queen City, Manchester, NH meetup with The Sitecore Junkie Mike Reynolds.

Oct’2019 Meetup SUG Queen City, Manchester, NH

As per our monthly cadence we had this meetup on the first Wednesday of this month.

We had two excellent presenters for this meetup from our renowned Sitecore Community.

Session #1:

THE QUESTION OF MORAL ALGORITHMS by Ishraq Al Fataftah, four time Sitecore MVP and the CTO at Applez Tech

Can algorithms be moral? Can we train data sets that can reduce biases in search and other technology fields and reflect more diversity and inclusion in these results?

The debate has started a while ago starting with Article 12 of the universal declaration of human rights and not ending with the recent GDPR regulations and adaptation in the EU. How can we as technology-savvy individuals and businesses start the discussion around diversity, inclusion, social and ethical impacts of AI and big data when we design, engineer, collect and analyze customers data?

And why it is important more than ever to design user journeys that has customers privacy in its core but still deliver personalized experiences?

Session #2:

Automating the conversion from Web Forms for Marketers (WFFM) to Sitecore 9 Forms by Alessandro Faniuolo, Principal Developer on the Production Support team at Velir.

Upgrading a website using the WFFM module to Sitecore 9.1? Web Forms for Marketers is no longer supported with Sitecore 9.1, requiring the adoption of Sitecore Forms. The WFFM Conversion Tool can automate the migration process, saving you and your client significant time, money, and project risks.

You can find more details about this SUG here.

SUG Queen City is really thankful to the presenters for their time and sharing the knowledge with us. Looking forward for more meetups in upcoming months.

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