Brief Introduction to Sitecore Content Hub

Curating the content for your Digital Marketing goals is not easy. We have so much content, digital assets, tags etc to maintain. Generally we have different third party integrations with Sitecore to manage all the digital assets which creates technical debts and eventually adds so much complexity to the Martech Architecture.

Sitecore launched Content Hub at Symposium. Sitecore Content Hub is a marketing tool that gives users the ability to manage the entire content lifecycle in one place. Every aspect from planning, authoring and collaboration, through to management and curation, publication, personalization and feedback of analytics can be managed within Content Hub.

A brief history, this product was previously owned by a company StyleLabs which was acquired by Sitecore and rebranded as Sitecore Content Hub. It comes with five main offerings.

Credit for the image and content below goes to an excellent Symposium session I attended by Tim Pashuysen, Brent Pinkstaff, Chris Williams.

Sitecore DAM™ (Digital Asset Management)

Simplify storage, management, distribution, and control of digital assets

  • Manage virtually all digital asset file types
  • Reduce time to tag, locate, use, and share assets
  • Machine learning helps tag your content
  • Preview images, videos, layouts, and other file types in context
  • Reduce risk by enforcing DRM
  • Metadata, auto tagging (via Cognitive Services or others via C# Script)
  • Approval workflows
  • Copyright/DRM management
  • Lifetime management
  • Version control

Sitecore MRM™ (Marketing Resource Management)

Manage, budget, and control every phase of a marketing project

  • Plan and execute campaigns across channels, markets and brands
  • Steer teams to achieve key production targets on time with intuitive collaboration, review, and approval tools
  • Manage multiple projects, tasks and resources.
  • Visually see the impact of dependencies on tasks and the delivery date.

Sitecore CMP™ (Content Marketing Platform)

Streamline content strategizing, planning, creation, and publication

  • Effectively plan, manage, and collaborate on content strategy
  • Streamline production by orchestrating many simultaneous task streams of different content stakeholders
  • Optimize content usage and distribution to target audiences across channels
  • Elevate visibility and governance
  • Blogs
  • Social media posts
  • Sitecore content

Sitecore PCM (Product Content Management)

Stay on top of all your product content for e-commerce and other downstream apps

  • Centralize and automate the management and maintenance of all product-related content  (assets, descriptions, SKUs…)
  • Create relationships with all relevant objects

Sitecore W2P (Web-to-Print)

Allow users to self-serve and automate collateral creation

  • Generate custom printable product sheets using all available content
  • Enforce brand guidelines, even outside the organization
  • Edit and approve your content in Content Hub
  • Use your content in
  • Adobe InDesign
  • Personalize your content.

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