What’s new in Sitecore Forms with Version 9.3?

In my previous blog, we talked about the new features launched in Sitecore Install Assistant. In this blog, let’s talk about what 9.3 unfolds for the Sitecore Forms Module?

Publishing Within Form Module

Currently, when the forms is designed, we need to come out of the Sitecore Forms Module to publish the Forms. From 9.3 onwards we would be able to publish the Form from inside the Forms module itself which saves few unnecessary additional clicks.

Sitecore Forms 93

Delete Forms Data

As of today, we do not have an option to delete the saved data for a particular Form. Hence as a workaround, we save the form as a template, create a new form by inheriting from that template and assign it to the presentation components on the item. Sitecore 9.3 brings an option to delete from data, where you just select the form and choose that Option.

Sitecore Forms 93-2

Email Confirmation Field

We had a requirement in once of the project to add Email Confirmation Field to the form but since it was not available, we had to create a custom field for that. Sitecore 9.3 bring Email Confirmation Field OOTB available. This field comes with all the configuration we currently have for Email fields like Placeholder Text, Min/Max Length, Field Validation, Field Importance, Styling. Whereas it also comes with a configuration like Condition to manage the field and Value provider to prefill the field data.

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Bot Detection, Bye Bye Captcha!

To avoid bots we needed Captcha Field for Forms. Community friends developed there custom Captcha Fields or used Sitecore Forms Extension Module. But Sitecore 9.3 Forms can now use our platform bot detection to verify if the input is from a human. This eliminates the need for annoying Captcha elements.

Sitecore Forms 93-7

Redirect to External URL

You may have a requirement to redirect to an external URL after successful submission of the Form. Today we don’t have such functionality OOTB. But 9.3 have a new Submit Action with which you can provide an external URL and after successful submission, you will be redirected. Also, you can provide query string parameters to the third party system. SWEET! This opens a lot of opportunities to integrate Form module with third-party applications.

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And many more improvements related to database performance along with fixing lot of issues reported so far.

Hope this helps!

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