Revert to default Publishing from Publishing service

We installed Sitecore Publishing service on Sitecore 9.0.1 on Azure PaaS environment but had a lot of publishing issues regarding cache clearance etc. Hence we decided to move back to default publishing unless we figure out what is wrong with the Publishing Service Configuration.

Now the question is – How to disable to Sitecore Publishing service to switch back to the default publishing?

To disable the Publishing Service:

  1. Locate the Sitecore.Publishing.Service.*.config files and change the file extension to .disabled. The files can be found in the following folders:
    • Sitecore XP 9.0: the /App_Config/Modules/PublishingService folder.
  2. Switch to the Core database and rename the /sitecore/system/Aliases/Applications/Publish item to PublishDisabled.

Note: To enable the Publishing Service again, you must revert the changes that you made.

Here is the reference of Sitecore KB Article.

Hope this helps!

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