Sitecore AI: Standard and Premium

Sitecore Auto Personalization:

Sitecore Auto Personalization aka Sitecore AI was launched in Sympoisum 2019 which opened doors for a lot of exciting opportunities. It was clear that Sitecore is going to invest more into that space is coming years and Symposium 2020 was not an exception.

When it comes to implementing Personalization there are a lot of challenges a marketer face. As Nancy Lee mentioned I her talk during Symposium 2019, following are the most common challenges:

  • They often don’t know where to start
  • They don’t have the staff resources to complete all the work required
  • Defining user segments is tough, takes a long time, and can be done wrong
  • They are not sure what experiences are best for each customer

Sitecore AI – Auto Personalization was designed specifically to address these issues. With the data science, calculations, and analytics taken care of, marketers get an incredibly easy way to get personalization up and running. It keeps getting smarter over time.


  • You need to be on Sitecore 9.0 or above.
  • You must be on the cloud
  • Set up your user engagement value scores, goals, and strategy

Standard Vs Premium:

During Sitecore Symosium 2020 Sitecore AI came with two versions:

  • Auto Personalization Standard
    • Out of the box auto personalization AI for Sitecore 10. Traffic is included with Sitecore XP 10 License for up to 12 million annual visits.
    • AI analytics in Experience Optimization
    • Support engagement values & bounce rate as personalization success KPI
  • Auto Personalization Premium
    • Enterprise-grade Auto Personalization AI with auto segment feature & scaling personalization up fast. Pricing starts at 12 million annual visits.
    • Ai Insight dashboard with deep segmentation information from historical and daily data, personalization information that you can slice and dice also export data to your own BI tools.
    • Support engagement value, support engagement value, bounce rate, exit rate, plus other metrices as personalization success KPIs.
    • No cap on the number on components you can auto personalize, flexible configuration.

Much more is expected into this space during coming years.  

Reference article by Mohan Kasibhatla Vice President of Product Marketing at Sitecore :

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