SXA Site Manager taking longer to load

We are on Sitecore 9.2 and SXA 1.9 where we are on a multi-tenant, multi-site and multi-lingual Sitecore SXA implementation. We are already having almost 30+ primary website and corresponding country sites live. We are also having 30+ language fallback websites as well. And the was Sitecore SXA works is, for every site or fallback site we need to create a Site Grouping with respective hostname, database etc configuration.

Therefore to implement the above websites were having approximately 190+ Site Groupings created. And when we were trying to load the SXA Site Manager it was taking ~4 minutes to load and sometime timing out.

After initial troubleshooting it looked a Sitecore bug to us hence we reached out to Sitecore Support and guess what, it was a newly registered bug with Sitecore SXA.

Below are the details we received Sitecore Support in case you are also following the similar issues.

But if you are facing similar issue, I would still suggest you to reach out to Sitecore Support if there is a patch for the specific Sitecore and SXA version you are on.

Details from Sitecore Support:

We have newly registered bug around GetSiteInfo / LocalizableLinkProvider , the reference numbers are 467931, 462235. They are not fixed in recent SXA release, but we have existing hotfix package you can try.
First, could you please check if <webroot>/sitecore/shell/hotfixes folder has filename containing string “469608”?
If not, please consider to install the following hotfix. It is a cumulative hotfix containing multiple fixes.

(Please extract the ZIP file contents to locate installation instructions and related files inside it.
Unless stated differently in the installation instructions, the hotfix should be installed on CM instance and then synced with other instances using your regular development practices.
Please note that after applying the hotfix to your solution, you should not be installing any product updates until the changes associated with this hotfix are included in a public release.)

Off course we had to get the specific details about the cumulative fixes which were part of this patch to make sure it is not overwriting anything custom we developed etc. Additionally we faced few issues while trying to install the patch for which we had to reach out to the Support team again and again. But luckily when the patch was successfully installed the Site Manger load time was back to normal i.e 15-30 seconds.

Hope this helps!

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