SUG Meetup – Dec’17 at Queen City, Manchester NH

Was fortunate to attend the Sitecore User Group Meet at Queen City, Manchester, NH on 12/05/2017 at 1230 Elm St, Manchester, NH.


Hosted by Michael Reynolds and Greg Coffman.. Mike was dressed up like Santa and presented an excellent demo on Dependency Injections Framework in Sitecore 8.2.


Session was very informative with live demo to get hands on knowledge about What is DI and its Patterns, How to implement DI in Sitecore.

Various Sitecore goodies were distributed for Sweet Sitecore Swag and I nominated myself to present in next meet (Jan’18 1st Week) on Sitecore Forms modules in Sitecore 9.


Looking forward to meet all the fabulous guys again in January.


Will be blogging more technical blogs on DI later on but as discussed in meet here are few important URLs to get more details around DI: developing_with_sitecore/dependency_injection


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