SUG Meetups and Webinars – Dec’17

Was fortunate to attend my first ever Sitecore User Group Meetups.

SUG Meetup – Dec’17 at Queen City, Manchester NH

Attended the Sitecore User Group Meet at Queen City, Manchester, NH on 12/05/2017 at 1230 Elm St, Manchester, NH.

Hosted by Michael Reynolds and Greg Coffman. Mike was dressed up like Santa and presented an excellent demo on Dependency Injections Framework in Sitecore 8.2.

Session was very informative with live demo to get hands on knowledge about What is DI and its Patterns, How to implement DI in Sitecore.

Various Sitecore goodies were distributed for Sweet Sitecore Swag and I nominated myself to present in next meet (Jan’18 1st Week) on Sitecore Forms modules in Sitecore 9.

Looking forward to meet all the fabulous guys again in January.

Few glimpse of the SUG are:

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SUG Meetup – Dec’17 New England on Sitecore UML

Attend the Sitecore User Group Meet New England on 12/06/2017 at 500, Harrison Ave, Boston, MA 02118. Hosted by Rick Cabral.

Zach presented SitecoreUML which is a very powerful productivity tool for Architects to design and develop Sitecore Templates using UML diagrams WITHOUT LEARNING UML 🙂


He demonstrated:

  1. How can we create UML diagrams (using StarUML IDE)
  2. How the IDE can be Integrated with Sitecore
  3. How Sitecore Templates based on the UML diagrams can be created by just once single click.
  4. On the other hand how can we export already created Sitecore Templates in UML format for documentation purposes, which was very impressive. As he says – Its all about Visualization of the current Sitecore Templates implemented.

Think about these two scenarios:

  1. You are recently allocated a Sitecore project which have massive architecture implemented. If you get the entire Template hierarchy documented in a pictorial format using various UML object, it would be very easy to visualize the end to end implementation.
  2. Your current project is near finishing, using Sitecore UML you can create a very impressive documentation for various audiences like Business Users, IT, Developers which will help them to understand the implemented from a bird eye view.

Zach referenced OOTB Helix project templates and exported them in UML, also created few of new templates using StarUML by defining variety of Field Types and even with Standard Values, which I found cool.

From Zach’s documentation:

Some of the powerful features of SitecoreUML are:

  1. One-click deploy Sitecore templates from UML directly to Sitecore
  2. One-click generate UML diagrams and models from a template architecture in Sitecore
  3. Seamless integration between the StarUML IDE and Sitecore XP
  4. Save the URL of your Sitecore instance in your preferences so you don’t have to enter it every time
  5. Built using a JavaScript-based platform that supports Node.js and can be easily extended and tailored to your needs

You can find documentation on SitecoreUML on the URL mentioned below, which is huge and self-explanatory.

Also if you want to make your hands dirty on the Project, it can be found on:


Although there are still a lot of useful features to be implemented on this tool and he is actively working on this. But looking forward to use this tool in my next assignment to reduce the tedious efforts on documenting the Sitecore Architecture.

Looking forward to meeting all the fabulous guys again in January.

Few glimpse of the SUG are:

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